Monday, December 6, 2010

Rendered Flesh

Render a lover’s landscape upon my skin
Let the deep wide strokes of your artists mind
Splash crimson passion across my flesh
Until I become flush with fervor for your touch

Dip into my being hungrily searching for saccharin pleasures
buried deep within my wanting soul
Release me from this passioned torment
With each thrust of your brush, paint your pain
Against my skin in prismic reverie
Causing my lips to cry out your name
In wanting breaths, moaned in the dark places
Others can only hope to reach, oh my lover

How I long for you to paint the crimson dawn
Across my chest with soft strokes of your tongue
A frenzied hunger guiding strong firm hands down my thighs
Let the taste of my flesh build within your mouth
Parting my lips so that I may scream your name into the night

Fall forward; melt into me, softly, sweetly rolling against
My body, stoking the flames growing in my soul
For a lover’s touch dripping with persimmon passions.


  1. Delicious sweet & oh so tempting. How can a man not read this & wish for more? Let me dip my brush inside & paint you crimson with your own soul's blood. I promise the portrait will be a masterpiece.