Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Soulful Whispers

I lie in bed

bathed in moonlight

breathing in dreams

of my lover's sigh

I'm left in breathless wonder

as the sounds echo

through my soul

his words whispered

on soft petaled skin

glide gently down

 to capture a wanting heart

Desire has taken my mind

a sweeping fire through

which we dance

knotted in silken passions

until our bodies weep

for release from the torment

of touches, soft to the skin

Burning with 


  1. is this passion ? yes this is passion ! is this love ? yes this is love !

  2. A glorious romp in passionate lovers' embraces. A word visual symphony of love. Well done, Ranee

  3. wow, that is a sensual passionate piece. It is love put into words.

  4. a wonderful way to spend a night...